Tumblr Scripts I Use

Missing E now incorporates the “old” sidebar, so you don’t need those other scripts (they conflict anyway).

I use a combined program called Missing E, which has these functions (and others) , which you can turn off or on.
(They work in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.)

Tumblr Timestamps
Adds a date to all the posts in your dash, helpful when looking for a date on an original post when the other person’s theme doesn’t have them.

Reblog Yourself
This script allows you to reblog posts from your own tumblr.

Reblog Asks
Reblog asks from others’ tumblrs.

Reply Replies
This one lets you reply in post form to replies you’ve received on tumblr.

Goto Dash button
A script that I’ve found wonderfully useful, it lets you go to ANY post you are currently on in your dash if you would like to reblog or edit it.

Upload photo
Adds an upload photo button to your other types of posts, so when you add an image it SHOWS in other dashes and is not a grey box.

Wrap Tags
Wraps the tags of of posts below them so you can see all of them.

Lets you edit a post from your main page without having to dig for it (because it disappears when you create more than one blog).

Dash asks
Lets you use the ask box from your dash.

NEW! See liked URL preview button!

I am also now using Xkit there are a few things it does Missing E doesn’t. (and most all of the ones it does).
1. Lets you view your inbox without leaving your dash.
2. Customise classic redirect add-on.
3.It also has photo preview ( and actually had it first), but also a notes preview for text posts!

I also use these individual ones:

Dashboard Filter
Filter search options (photo, audio, etc.) in addition to “tumblr dashboard” and “all of tumblr”.

Currently testing:
Pop up editor
Edit without having to open a new page.

Expose tumblr likes
Displays a link to a tumblr user’s “likes” page in the user menu beneath their icon on the dashboard. Only displays the link for users who have made their likes public.
Wide Tumblr

Dash Backgrounds
Pimp out your dash with a background, a new font, or different icons for the post options.
Chrometaster (tumtaster for firefox)
and Safari tumtaster
Download any of the music files someone posts to your computer.

I also grabbed Twitter Toggle on a whim, might be useful for printscreening twitter happenings without @replies that don’t pertain.
Two other fun little things:
Audoiparser: http://toys.tumblrist.com/audio/callmeblake

Pics only archive: http://tmv.proto.jp/#!/callmeblake