Manipulating Tumblr/Tumblr Tricks

I’ve been using tumblr for two years and am still surprised by what I find/figure out.
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This is more for other little integrated things that is seems a lot of people don’t know tumblr will/can do.

You can search your tumblr likes with pages just like you can with your dashboard!*pick a number* - for example my first like happens to be on - yours may be higher or lower depending.
It makes it much easier to find something if you have 4,932 of them like I do.

Want to see someone else’s likes?
(only works if they have their likes public though).
Just insert their tumblr name at the end of that URL (in place of callmeblake).


Tags are a wonderful way to organize your blog, and most people don’t seem to realize that if you reblog a post, it will not show up in tumblr search with your tag, but only in your own blog. Only ORIGINAL posts will show up in the main search with your tags so make the most of that.

Avoid “&”,”+”,”/”,”%” and (right now) dashes “-” and question marks “?”, tumblr tags don’t know what to do with these and if someone clicks on that tag on your blog they will go nowhere.

You can link people to these tagged pages in your sidebar, or in your blog just use
http://*yourblogname**tag you wish to link them to*

For example, my Halt and Catch Fire tag looks like this:

Whoa! “What’s with the %20 you say?”, it’s what tumblr turns the spacebar into, you can also use an underscore and tumblr will still find it.

I know it’s frustrating, but you can in fact only have twenty tracked tags before the tags you are tracking will not show new ones beside them anymore. You can still use it to get SEE them, you just have to check them all manually.

I also read something last night that said after a certain amount of tags on your post the extra ones will no longer show up in search, don’t know how true it is though.

Edit: according to justcantdescribeu “Normally, tumblr only indexes your first 5 tags on any post, and tumblr only indexes tags if it’s on an original post, not a reblog. By indexing, I mean the part where you search up tags on tumblr through the sidebar on your dashboard ( The sixth and further tags won’t be indexed, but they can still be searched up on your own blog. “

and from yetanothercriminalmindsfanatic"re: tags, first 5 of OP’s post show up in the tracked tags. the first 10 of any post are searchable within a blog. posts retain the first 20. attempt 21 or more, and the extras get swallowed up/disappear after clicking publish/queue/save to drafts. (i’ve had the misfortune of encountering this before)"

So to get all that’s tagged on your blog specifically you will have to use something like:*your tag*”


Want to see tags in order from the first post about that subject, well, first?
Add chrono to the end of the tag:
Know you need the third page?


Find a post and want to know what else was going on on their blog that day?

add ” /day/*year*/*month*/*day of month*” after their tumblr url, it will render them in chronological order, too.

For example, this link will show what I posted to my blog on July 3rd, 2011 :


No search window on the main on someone’s blog?

Type: http://*theirblogname**search term*

If I do: on my page I get one gif.

OR : *search term* site:*url*

for example, to search the term “gif” on my tumblr:

For “gif” for mine, this get 8 results.

However, tumblr’s search is quite crap and I suggest using google internal search if you want better results.

I get 10 pages of results because it’s just BETTER.

We know I have nine pages tagged with that.

Always try tags first.

Other fun little things:

Audio parser-

See all the audio posts someone has posted to their blog:

Tumblr Mosaic Viewer:

See only the photo pots from someone’s blog (though I’ve noticed it does not seem to find uploaded photos to text posts).!/callmeblake
(again replace callmeblake with the tumblr user’s you wish to see)

And this little
Sort by post category search
It doesn’t have asks in it though :/

When I went to write this it seems like I had more, I wonder what I’m forgetting.

Edit : Some things I forgot:

Theme Recovery:
Helpful if you are getting into changing you theme through the html editor and make a mistake, saves the last twenty changes.

Audio uploads:

Choose a song from soundcloud search and upload it as a draft, go in and replace it with a song from your computer - you can do this multiple times and avoid the “one audio upload a day”.

No need to open your blog’s dashboard to see how many followers, messages, number of queued posts and drafts are left

alt+click your blog title beside “Dashboard”

Reblog long text posts as a whole and not as a link:

Clicking the gray “As…” button beside “Reblog Text Post” above the post; select “As Text” to reblog the full body of the original post.

Find a post’s source:
Hover on the post on your dashboard, notice that the upper-right flap of the white background becomes slightly bent. Click the flap to go to the original post address.

Know of another little trick that’s made your tumblr experience better?

Drop me a line, please!