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Gotta stop looking through the Tom Milsom tag. 

have fun with that, it’s a damn train wreck ( thanks for the term babybott330) that I can’t seem to avoid either.

I just hate that people are so quick to change their entire opinion on a person. the problem isn't with tom, the problem is with the hundreds of people who were so invested in the idea of a person who they didn't know. human beings are complex, we change and grow and evolve. we learn and love and we make mistakes and we hurt others and do bad things. but having done bad things dosnt make you a bad person. it's good that the community is more aware of what can happen, but this is out of hand.


Hmm, interesting.  I agree it is good it’s heightening awareness.

It is very out of hand, and while everyone is entitled to make mistakes - and grow and learn from them  - there are consequences for those mistakes.

The only power any fan has right now IS to instantly delete him from their lives.

Which is easier said than done, because the longer you have been a fan for someone the more they are interlaced into other things in your life.

I have deleted alex from mine just yesterday, AFTER he admitted to it - and eddplant ( which was VERY HARD - I used to post to fuckyeaheddplant) - also after he’d admitted it -  when his happened.


Today we removed Alex’s products from DFTBA following his post acknowledging he has hurt many people.

I was in communication with Alex yesterday to try and get both sides to these stories as some anonymous posts, and later, posts from Alex’s past friends and ex-girlfriends came out talking about some problematic relationships and experiences. Initially Alex denied these accusations, so DFTBA did not take immediate action while we continued our conversation.

However, as the day went on, additional posts did reveal a pattern of manipulation, treating people badly, and forgetting to be awesome. And that’s not the kind of behavior I want to support.

Alex has now acknowledged he wasn’t the best boyfriend or friend or person in the past and that he knows he’s hurt people. As Alex’s friend, I am happy to see some growth and those acknowledgements. But as his friend, I’m also disappointed to read stories from both people I know and care about, and those I don’t know (but still care about) that he hurt. My heart and support both go out to everyone involved.

On a personal note, this week has been completely draining… professionally, personally, and emotionally for me, as I’m sure it has been for some of you. These are people I’ve collaborated with, from albums, to fiveawesomeguys, to spending weekends together just hanging out and playing video games. These are people I know on a human level, not just through a computer screen. And those are the people that it is the most difficult to be disappointed by. But as I stated in my post earlier this week about Tom, this kind of activity is not okay, and we need to help other people in positions of influence or power understand that.

So let’s all try to be kinder to each other. Support each other. And look out for each other. <3

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So Olga has posted more about Tom, I’ll let you read the entire thing

The important (to me) excerpt:
“there is a thing i do feel quickly needs to be cleared up: tom and i met when i was 14 and he was 21. we began our relationship when i was 15 and he was 22, but we did not psychically have sex (skype sex and idk nudes and whatever aside) until a month after my 16th birthday”

and yes in her state this is still statutory rape, but not in england.
and yes, that counts as grooming for some people.
I honestly don’t know if (underage) skype sex is against the law? I think it is?

it’s big big mess.

I still believe they both believe their side of the relationship is the truth.

I will say their relationship was not healthy.

But everyone mudslinging does NOT help at all.

You’ve Changed (feat. Avey Seals & Tom Milsom) - Matthew Devoll
from Covers, released 12 July 2013 
original by All There

Well, hello cool song I completely missed.



good lord I want a rat.

it`s like the Tom Milsom of rats.

The original “tom milsom as a rat” comment to go with the gif the other day

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Alright, which of you wizards was having fun and turned Tom Milsom into a rat?

Alright, which of you wizards was having fun and turned Tom Milsom into a rat?

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Tom at SitC

Posted on August 7, 2010
by CosmicScale

Wow, this is old - back before I was making sure people know I’d used their photo, sorry about that Lee. I’ve learned a lot about how to better make sure people get correct credit in the past few years.

I rarely post about things like this

and it may not be my place,
but before you judge Tom Milsom based on the post still on top of Kelly Montoya’s page, please read his current stance on the situation:


I’m not going to tell you how to feel, but I think you need to have all the information before you decide you don’t like someone, thanks.


I finally heard “YOUR” (instead of you) in “no really, any time you like” off Explorers 1 - I’ve known it’s actually there since shortly after it was released - but have never HEARD it before!!!